Frequently Asked Questions…






Q: What is hypnosis?

A: Hypnosis is a focused, concentrated state of attention. During the process, the conscious mind is given the job of relaxing or focusing so that the subconscious can respond to positive suggestion.

Q: Will I always be in control?

A: Yes. You are always in control. You are actually in a heightened sense of control which allows you to make changes you may have otherwise not been able to make.

Q: Can a person be made to do or say something against their will?

A: No. A person in hypnosis has complete control over their actions. People who are hypnotized during a stage act, elect to participate and therefore accept the playful suggestions.

Q: Can smart analytical people be hypnotized?

A: The more perceptive a person, the better client they make. The application of hypnosis puts an individual in greater control of him or herself, allowing them to become less influenced by the overflow of societal pressures and environmental stimulants.

Q: Is Hypnosis safe and relaxing?

A: Yes. Every person goes in and out of hypnosis several times a day. Right before we fall asleep at night or fully wake in the morning, the body enters a drowsy state but yet the mind is still aware of its environment. Have you ever driven to work and arrived without remembering your drive? Have you ever daydreamed? Have you ever gotten so engrossed in a movie or TV program that you forgot about your physical environment? These are all altered states of the mind.