Share the Love!

Share the Love!

A few months ago, I discovered a Groupon advertisement for hypnotherapy –which I thought at this point, why not try it. I was an avid nail biter for approximately 19 years with no relief and any I had lasted for a month then it was back to the drawing board. It was the best decision I could have ever made and I wish I knew about you earlier! Each session painted a new outlook towards this life long struggle.The desire is gone while the techniques I gained from each of the sessions are used on a daily basis especially the meditation! Thank You So Much Andrea!
-Olivia S. St.Pete, FL

Our sessions have helped me with more than just weight loss.  I’ve gained self esteem and empowerment over life’s daily struggles, I feel like I can handle anything now in a healthy way!

-Judith A., Tampa, FL

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Thank you!! I have been feeling awesome and haven’t wanted to even eat unhealthy.  I’ve been doing great!  Today I was stressed out because I had to do so many things, so I decided not to do as many, this helped!  Also the whole time before when I was stressed and feeling anxiety I didn’t once think of eating or wanting food!!
Thank you so so much! I will email you as I need the next session : )

-T. College Student, Gainesville, FL

Hi Andrea,

I ‘ve been meaning to email you since Wednesday evening….I didn’t realize how long our appointment went and I want to thank you for taking the extra time to work with me.  I really appreciate it!  I feel a lot more calm and peaceful since our session.  I started fighting a bad headache/migraine again that evening and when I went to bed I did the visualization you taught me and I saw the “ball of yuck” immediately slip through your office door and it then shot down the street and dissipated into tiny particles.  It was so cool because I had immediate relief and it hasn’t been bothering me since!  So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

-L.  Entrepreneur, St. Petersburg, FL


Just a check in – well it has been 2 weeks on my own  i am down 20 pounds feeling great an have not had a yeast infection since getting off the flour i went on line an checked it out an they said flour  is a big problem for women an yeast infections so even more of a plus the blood type program ( i will not call it a diet it is a new life style) has been the cure for me along with your hypno help i feel like a new person i have not been severe about what i am doing  xxxx and I went to a beach lounge the other nite an had a couple drinks while listening to the band  knowing this i had a lighter dinner an was the same weight the next day I CAN have a normal life an enjoy going out an still keep control over me  what a relief an it is so much fun trying new ideals an just seeing what you can come up with that is good and good for you  you’ll never truly know what a blessing meeting has been to me i do belive we have angles to guide us if we just open our eyes an ears  THANKS so much     much love

-B, Caregiver Tampa, FL

Thanks also for another outstanding session today. I feel like we accomplished a great deal, forgiveness is obviously at the core of self-love. I know it’s going to take time, but I am looking forward to that part of the healing.

Thanks to you, Andrea, I could not do this without you! You are so amazing.

-L, St. Petersburg, FL

Andrea:  Received your new information, congratulations on your move.  I just wanted you to know that I sent your information to my Gastroenterologist after seeing him and letting him know the success I had with your program, weight and also hypnosis for my IBS, which is just doing fine still after all this time.

He said that he has lots of old stubborn IBS patients and if it worked for me he would recommend that they try it as he said…it doesn’t hurt.  Also as I mentioned to you Clinical indication is that 10% of the IBS patients can be helped with hypnosis if there is no medical indication/blockage or physical reason for IBS.  Most IBS is caused by stress related issues.

– J. Staffing/Recruiting St. Petersburg, FL

I am very happy with my results from the program; I feel like my entire attitude towards food and my health has changed. Thanks Andrea for being an incredible counselor and for helping me to take control of my eating and my life.

-P.  Mom, Tampa, FL

I am in a better place now in my life because of this program.  It allowed me to understand and deal with my deep past hurts and let them go for good.  Moving on in my every day life’, living for today and not wait for if when happens.  I feel better apart to take on life challenges and have a better understanding and freedom on each day-life circumstances.  Thank you for giving me freedom back to my life!

-J.  Business Owner, South Tampa

My subconscious is not standing in my way to adult actions.  I am reinforcing the good that I know is in me.  Happiness is in me knowing I can enjoy the world around me.  Seeing more of the truth in reality, knowing I can handle activities (food, thoughts) all in moderation!

-Jeanne M.  Retired Educator, St. Petersburg, FL

HypnoBirthing rocks!!

-Caroline, B. St. Petersburg, FL

Thanks to HypnoBirthing and my learning to trust my body and my baby, I was able to birth comfortably at home.  Thank you!

-Vanessa, C. Tampa, FL

Andrea is incredible and has helped me so much, I feel like her sessions have helped me to gain so much confidence and love for myself and my body, I am so appreciative. Thank you so much!

-Rhea St. Petersburg

Never been hypnotized?  Here’s what a few of my first time Groupon client’s had to say…

Andrea was extremely professional and good at what she does

August 23, 2012

Can not wait for my 2nd visit. The 1st visit was WONDERFUL!

August 16, 2012

Everyone should experience this way to change your outlook on life…its a great way to think and be positive.

August 04, 2012

Andrea is excellent!

July 18, 2012

Fascinating experience, looking forward to more sessions.

July 12, 2012

I highly recommend this experience . it was done with extreme professionalism

July 11, 2012

Very impressed.

July 10, 2012

I was surprised at the old emotions that were brought forward. I felt exhausted but yet at peace when I left.

July 03, 2012

I love the atmosphere when first walking in it’s like entering a different world. Almost zen, with a warm setting and soothing sounds. The process is simple but wow, the imaginary lightbulb and fog horn went off in simple realization. Thank you, for the experience it was well worth it.

June 26, 2012
I am surprised by the results of my visit. While I did go in with an open mind, I only expected to be given some new tools to work with, instead I also learned something about myself.  I look forward to my next session.

Thank you Andrea for an exceptional first appointment. I learned so much and am looking forward to our next visit.

June 06, 2012

good job

June 05, 2012

I’m so happy to find Andrea Crouch. She’s an excellent therapist, who is committed to her profession.

May 29, 2012
Definitely worth the buy; wish I bought 3