Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Hypnosis has been proven clinically proven to reduce stress but did you know there were other health benefits?

The state of mental and physical relaxation hypnosis provides also helps with regulating blood sugar, metabolism and sleep cycles let alone many, many other health benefits. 

Authors: van de Laar, Katja E.W.1; van der Bijl, Jaap J.2

Source: Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, Volume 15, Number 3, 2001 , pp. 235-248(14)


Enhancing self-efficacy in patients with chronic illnesses has been shown to have a positive effect on behavior change. In fact, according to Bandura (1986), self-efficacy is the most important predictor of change in behavior. Thus, in order to make positive changes, effective measures for enhancing self-efficacy are needed in educational programs. There are four important sources of information for increasing self-efficacy: performance accomplishments, vicarious learning, verbal persuasion, and self-appraisal of emotional and physiological responses. Strategies for enhancing self-efficacy are described here for each source of information and for combinations of sources