Andrea’s Story

Andrea’s Story

As a former chronic dieter I was always looking for the next fad diet or quick fix to lose weight.  Through this cycle of (bingeing because of my last diet) and then starving because of my last binge, I began to question the whole process.  Of course, when we try to help ourselves our paths to finding the right answers usually contain some interesting questions along the twists and turns of our journeys.

After “coming to” from a binge on raw biscuit batter in college, (yes, they were not even cooked!) I found myself asking the question, “why the biscuits? Really?  I couldn’t have picked something better?  What am I doing to myself?  I know better!”  not the most insightful line of questioning, but it got me going.  Much later I found the answer when I was stuck in traffic and my mind daydreamed back to a time when I was a latchkey kid letting myself in after school.  Almost everyday I would be greeted by my neighbor friend who was like a second grandmother to me.  We would hang out and watch our favorite old movies, do homework, read and almost always she would make…biscuits!  As I enjoyed this daydream a wave of comfort washed over me and it was as if it were yesterday that I was enjoying my neighbor friend’s biscuits. Everything began to make sense.  I wasn’t bingeing because I hated myself, I was subconsciously trying to help myself.   Not knowing what I know now, I felt amazing and comforted in understanding my behavior.  Little did I know, I was effectively using hypnosis by entering into that daydreamy state to effectively understand and change my behavior!

Needless to say, I began hypnosis way before I began using hypnosis.  After realizing I was meant to share what I was learning with others I asked to be shown a direction that I could use and that could use me!  I found the hungry heart program that helps clients through nutrition, hypnosis and behavior modification techniques and I knew I had to be a part of it.  I have helped hundreds of people overcome emotional overeating,  stress eating, and other eating disorders and lose weight permanently and naturally through this method.  I then became certified in NLP, neuro linguistic programming which is the practice of changing subjective human behavior by altering language and other processes.  I also became certified in HypnoBirthing as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and a HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant.  I am also a licensed practitioner in HypnoBand weight loss system which became popular first in the UK.

I found such joy in consistently working on myself that I knew I was meant to share what I learned with others.  My healthy eating and weight loss has been consistent since 2006 and I have never looked back, except of course to learn another lesson, to receive helpful insight, or to draw from my struggles to help a client.  One of my favorite NLP pre-suppositions is, “there is no failure only feedback”.

For the past 9 years I have worked with hundreds of people that have learned to use the power of their mind to help them effectively make permanent, lasting changes in their behavior.  I now work with people on a variety of self improvement issues which I believe is the basis of all true and lasting change and therefore the name of my business.  When we learn to fully love ourselves we can truly accomplish anything.





2002 Graduated from The University of South Florida, Tampa, FL with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

2006 Graduated from The University of Integrative Psychology, CA with a certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

2008 Received Certification as a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator by Marie Mongan

2009 Received Certification as a HypnoBirthing® Fertility Practitioner

2010 Received Certification as a Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner by James Schwartz

2009 Graduated from The UP Hypnosis Institute, FL with a certificate in Advanced Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Present Mental Health Counseling Masters Program, Graduate Student at Nova Southeastern University